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Chapter 2 Becoming a Better Mentor: Practicing Cultural Humility 

Cultural humility is a lifelong learning process that allows us to strengthen relationships within our lives. Join us as we provide an engaging space to cultivate personal growth & understanding as we support our mentees through a culturally humble lens.  

Target audience: calling all mentors, program volunteers, mentoring program leaders, educators and community partners working with youth. 

Feb 14th 8:30-9:30 am CST


Understanding Program Insurance 

Not only is finding program insurance challenging, so is understanding it!!  Join us as we partner with program insurance experts who will break it all down in an approachable way. Attendees will walk away with a better grasp on the ins & outs of insurance while increasing their pool of providers.  

Target audience: program leaders, risk management teams, program coordinators, before & after school program providers, and community partners working in the field of youth development.  

Feb. 28th 12-1pm CST


The Stories Whiteness Tell Itself by David Mura

Winter provides us with a perfect opportunity to curl up by a fire or wrap ourselves in a cozy blanket and enjoy a good book! With that, we are excited to be hosting a year-long book club in 2023! To kick this off, we’ll be diving into David Mura’s new book, The Stories Whiteness Tells Itself, Please join us for our virtual lunch & book-break! We can nosh while we launch some engaging conversation & thoughts.


March 1st 12-1pm CST

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