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Chapter 9 Becoming a Better Mentor: Building Critical Consciousness and Youth Activism 

Young people are powerful leaders. Join MENTOR MN for this hour to practice building youth activism to strengthen mentoring relationships & programming. 

Sept 18th 6:00-7:00 pm CST

Lunch & Learn:  Relationship Centered Schools Revisited: Inviting MN Schools to the Table

Intentional student-adult relationships nurture understanding and inspire young people to pursue their passions and thrive in school. These relationships aren’t evenly distributed within the education system, helping some students succeed while unintentionally leaving others behind. By creating a relationship-centered learning environment,  you can uplift equity and empower students to explore future career paths. Are YOU ready? Join MENTOR MN as we shine a light on ways to build in more meaningful connections in the classroom & beyond- ensuring no student navigates the world alone. 

Sept 26th 12-1pm CST

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