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MENTOR Minnesota will work with your organization to meet your specific needs for program development and training. We offer 1:1 Consulting, Group Training, Starting a Program and further developing Programs, and Mentoring Professional Development including workforce training.



2 hour

4 hour

8 hour





These costs do not include:

  • Pre-training consultation, planning, and preparation time ($100/hr)

  • Materials (which can be printed by client to save cost or printed by our staff at an additional cost of .05 per copy)

  • Mileage outside of the Twin Cities 7-county metro area (billed at government rate of .58 per mile)

  • Any incurred travel expenses (such as food, lodging, and travel time if more than one hour [$20 an hour while en route])

1:1 Consulting

MENTOR Minnesota Consultants can assist you with technical assistance or assess your program using NQMS.

Group Trainings Menu

Maximize Your Awareness

Become aware of personal perspective and how it impacts interactions in the world

Maximize Your Impact

Learn how to be an effective mentor through listening

Elements of Effective Practice

Training in recruitment, mentor selection/screening and highlights the importance of and how to implement Monitoring and support benchmarks

Trauma Informed Mentoring

Increase understand and knowledge of trauma and teach mentors how to best support their mentees

Mentoring 101 

Introduction to mentoring through lens of best practice

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