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At MENTOR Minnesota, we know mentoring can support young people when they are experiencing periods of stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges. 

According to the Minnesota Student Survey, 29% of students experienced long-term mental health problems last year, continuing an upward trend that started several years ago. Mental health resources are critically needed for young people. But resources can be hard to find, navigate, and access. 

To address this need, MENTOR Minnesota, in collaboration with the University of Minnesota, has created a program to uplift and support the mental health of young people in our own communities. This no-cost, 10-session program designed to empower youth and adults within mentoring agencies across the state.



The Mental Health Ambassador (MHA) program is designed for any group or individual working in a mentoring or youth-serving space.

We are looking for passionate, tenacious, and responsible youth (15-18 years old) and adults with lived (or professional) experience addressing mental health. Cohorts will move through the program together and create an innovative plan to support youth mental health in their communities. 

We are excited to launch this hybrid program in January 2024 with individuals connected to mentoring programs in the Northeastern region of Minnesota and Superior, WI.

We have a limited number of spots so please apply today! 



Throughout this 8-session program, participants will work side-by-side with licensed mental health professionals and youth-development coaches to amplify and uplift mental health resources and best practices.

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Collaborative Learning

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Hands-On Training

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Creating Change-Makers

Join a supportive cohort of dedicated youth and adults.  Meet and train with professional mental health experts. Each meeting will help equip young people and adults with knowledge & resources in supporting mental health.

Each session will explore a different topic to better equip participants with pertinent mental health information, skills, and resources, such as:

●    Youth and Teen Mental Health First Aid
●    Local Resources/Referrals
●    Suicide Prevention 
●    Adults: Empowering Youth Voice
●    Advocacy Project

Graduates from the program will be local Mental Health Ambassadors* in their communities, taking their new skills to the front lines of youth work, ready to make a positive difference!

*Mental Health Ambassadors are not mental health services providers, but are rather highly skilled connectors to services. If you are in need of mental health services immediately, please contact 911.

This collaboration leverages the coaching and mentoring expertise of MENTOR Minnesota and the clinical and academic resources of Dr. Lindsey Weiler and her team at the University of Minnesota to address the critical youth mental health needs in our communities. Together, we are committed to promoting mental well-being, advancing research, and creating innovative solutions.

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