MENTOR Minnesota (MENTORMN) is governed by a Board of Directors made up of individuals who are willing to serve as champions for youth in Minnesota, demonstrate leadership in the workplace and broader community, and understand and value diversity and cultural competencies.

Board Members

Kelly Rowan


Development Director

Carleton College

Tanya Schuh

Vice Chair

Program Services Council Representative

Program Manager

CLUES Youth in Action!

Thomas Lindquist


Sr. Vice President/ General Manager 

Government Programs


Jim Andersen
President & CEO
IWCO Direct

Darrell Thompson
Bolder Options

Holly Whitcomb
Leadership Development Manager
3M Human Resources – Global Development

Board Advisors

Tony Sanneh

CEO & Founder

The Sanneh Foundation

John Nesheim

Director, Human Resources


Deanna Threadgill

Vice President of Programs

BBBS of the Greater Twin Cities

Lindsey Weiler Ph.D

Associate Professor, Dept. of Family Social Science

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

National Mentoring Resource Center Research Board Member

Program Services Council

The Program Services Council serves as an advisory group to MENTOR Minnesota’s program services staff by providing strategic guidance for quality initiatives, training resources, and other services for Minnesota mentoring programs. The Council is made up of representatives from diverse mentoring programs, organizations, and collaborations across the state.

Program Services Council Members

Jerod Peterson

Kids N Kinship 


Ann Matvick

Big Brothers Big Sisters Central Minnesota 

Charlotte Kinzley

Minneapolis Public Schools 

Amy Gray


Erin Walloch


Mandy Arden

Red Wing Youth Outreach 

Maypahou Ly

Big Brothers Big Sisters Twin Cities 


Will Tabor

Rebound Inc 


Xavier Vazquez

Bolder Options 


Heidi Langeberg

Family Wise 

Jocelyn Pickreign

Simpson Housing 


Tanya Schuh

CLUES Youth in Action! 

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