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Setting Quality Standards and Leading the State

MENTOR Minnesota’s (MENTORMN) Quality Partners are mentoring programs that have demonstrated their commitment to quality program practices by completing the National Quality Mentoring System (NQMS). To highlight these organizations, MENTORMN offers many benefits, including public recognition.

Becoming a Quality Partner

There are two levels of partnership available to Minnesota youth mentoring programs – Dedicated and Expert.

To become a Dedicated Partner, a program must:

Expert Partners must also meet these requirements, but in addition, they must follow 100% of the best practices outlined in the NQMS (although not all best practices must have a rating of 5 on the implementation quality scale).

Recognition & Benefits

Completing the NQMS validates existing program quality and pinpoints areas for improvement. Because of the way it helps programs follow best practices, NQMS ultimately advances the mentoring field by ensuring safe, positive experiences for youth and volunteers.

Dedicated Partners receive the following additional benefits:

In addition to the benefits outlined above, Expert Partners receive:


Maintaining and Advancing Partnership Status

Mentoring programs that attain Dedicated Partner status can advance to Expert Partner status after they have made improvements and have 100% of best practices in place. Once a program attains either partner status, they retain partnership for three years, after which partner status is reset until the NQMS is re-submitted.

MENTOR Minnesota’s Quality Partners

For a list of current MENTOR Minnesota’s Quality Partners, please visit our Quality Partner page.

Quality Partners