MENTOR Minnesota doesn't host our own mentoring program. We help support mentoring programs across the state. The Mentoring Connector is a great way to find the right program for your needs!

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The Mentoring Connector is the only national Database of youth mentoring programs connecting volunteers to opportunities in their local communities. Follow these 3 easy steps to search the Mentoring Connector to become a mentor, connect with a mentoring program, or find a mentor for a youth in your area.

Step 1. Fill out the form:

Tell us about yourself, the type of mentoring you're interested in, and then click search!

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On the next page you can browse a list of mentoring programs and opportunites, and choose which ones feels best to you.

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Click the contact program button to connect with the right program for you!

Begin your path to mentorship. Fill out the form below to see all the mentoring opportunities available near you!

Make an Impact on the Mentoring Movement

MENTOR Minnesota is dedicated to quality mentoring experiences for all young people. Yet, 1 in 3 young people still need and could benefit from a caring adult mentor. Your gift helps us close that mentoring gap. Donate today.