Quality Mentoring

MENTOR Minnesota's ultimate goal is to create the best chances for long-lasting, positive experiences for young people entering mentoring relationships.


The National Quality Mentoring System

MENTOR Minnesota believes that expanding best practices within mentoring programs protects youth and volunteers and protects the field of mentoring. Advanced research shows that quality mentoring practices are a determining factor in achieving positive youth outcomes. For nearly a decade, MENTOR Minnesota has provided a meaningful indicator of quality for youth mentoring programs which has lead to an increased prevalence of quality practices through a systematic and structured process on the local level.

Establishing a Systematic Approach

The National Quality Mentoring System (NQMS) process, modeled after our Quality Mentoring Assessment Path, helps programs bring their practices into alignment with the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™, and allows MENTOR and its network of Affiliates to establish consistent quality standards among mentoring programs across the country. The process also results in a public designation that signifies an organization’s commitment to assessing their practices and operating quality programming. Families, volunteers, and funders can feel confident about participating in. and supporting. a mentoring program that meets national quality standards.

Next Steps

Steps of the NQMS