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Chorale’s 2009 Bridges Concert, “Sing with Me,” Celebrates Mentoring

October 5, 2009

Kids and adults, side by side, singing from the heart—that’s the core of the Minnesota Chorale’s 2009 Bridges concert, “Sing with Me,” which celebrates the mentoring relationships that have blossomed between the Minneapolis Youth Chorus (MYC) and adult singers in the Chorale. This upbeat, family-friendly event will begin at...

NBC’s TODAY Show Kicks off a Series on Mentors and Inspirations

October 5, 2009

The segment on Monday, Oct. 5th featured Meredith Vieira, who spoke about her mentor, Sir Howard Stringer. To view the clip go to and click on Who Inspired Meredith Vieira? on the upper left side. Viewers are also invited to write and share their own stories about who...

Bach Society of Minnesota Partners with MPM to Inspire More to Become Mentors

October 5, 2009

The Bach Society of Minnesota (BSM) is honoring the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota (MPM) during their first concert series of the season, “Strings Attached.” Vice President of Strategic Services Polly Roach will be on hand at the October 17 concert in St. Paul to help people get involved in...

Star Tribune Praises Mentor For Going the Extra Mile

August 24, 2009

Effort to raise cash for charity really rolling along The trip to Washington, D.C., on a pair of skates is just Gary Walters' latest money-raising adventure for Kinship. Print this story E-mail this story Save to Share on Facebook Share on Digg Get more maps + statsHomicide mapRamsey County jail bookingsSchool test scoresBridge...

100 Miles for 100 MENtors

August 17, 2009

Two staff members from Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities (BBBS),  Jon Dean and Rob Donahue, are challenging themselves and other BBBS supporters to push their bodies to the limit.  From August 25-29, staff and volunteers will run 20-mile routes, for a total distance of 100 miles through Minneapolis...

Feel the Burn! Brainerd Man Rollerblades From MN to D.C. for Youth Mentoring!

August 13, 2009

Planes, trains and automobiles?  No!  Youth mentor supporter Gary Walters and his 15 year old son Jackson are on their way to Washington D.C. on rollerblades!  Walters is known in the Brainerd area for doing a wacky stunt every year to raise money for Kinship Partners mentoring program, and to raise...

Protecting Your Program and Participants from Identity Theft

July 13, 2009

Identity theft is a rapidly growing crime.  When mentoring programs gather personal information from volunteers and youth, they may place sensitive data at risk for misuse.  Do you know what measures you can take to protect your program and your participants? Mentoring and volunteer program staff have learned to...

Mentee Rescues Mentor!

July 8, 2009

53-year-old Alan Dartanyan of Duluth, Minnesota was rescued by his 11-year-old mentee Tobias Cuypers on July 2nd. The two were target shooting when 50 mph wind caused part of a tree to break off and strike them. To read more about this courageous story between a mentor and his mentee, click here

Defining Quality Mentoring – Where is the Evidence?

June 12, 2009

I often receive inquiries from programs about recommended “standards” for program practice.  Questions about screening volunteers are common, particularly surrounding background checks and what to do with them once you get them back. The following is a question I have received many times from both new and established mentoring...