🌈LGBTQ Supplement Pilot🌈

January 15, 2021
MENTOR Minnesota has been chosen as a pilot site for a new LGBTQ program! We have a paid learning opportunity for folks in Minnesota to learn more about LGBTQ youth and how to implement the LGBTQ supplement at your organization. Each organization selected will be given a small stipend of support. If you choose to apply to this pilot you will be asked to attend four 2-hour sessions throughout February. These sessions are hosted by Christian Rummell, co-author of the LGBTQ supplement. These sessions will be hosted by MENTOR Minnesota, MENTOR National, and Christian Rummell. All organizations in this program will also have personalized coaching with Christian Rummell to support best practice at your individual site.
For more information see the Mentoring LGBTQ Youth Brochure. If you are interested, please sign up here. Applications are open until next Friday, January 22. We are honored and excited to engage you in this important and timely work for LGBTQ youth in Minnesota!