State of Mentoring Survey: Help MPM Record!

August 9, 2016


The Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota (MPM) is in the middle of collecting The State of Mentoring in Minnesota survey results. If you have not signed up for the survey please do so on MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership which is managing the survey for MPM. It will be open until the last week of August. Originally scheduled to close June 24th, we are determined to improve response rates compared with 2015.

Why is this information so crucial?

There are over 280 mentoring programs in the State of Minnesota that work with over 178,000 youth. Therefore there are over 356,000 formal mentoring relationships. In addition, there are 250,000 of Minnesota youth that need a mentor.

Part of our mission and role to elevate the field is to serve and better each of those relationships. As we know, these are not 280 monolithic programs, just like the youth they serve, each is unique!

When looking at how the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota can maximize the services, training, programs and professional development we offer to elevate those relationships we use this information. It is necessary for the work we do to have a larger picture of what the field looks like in Minnesota.

From a policy perspective, we cannot fairly represent Minnesota without an adequate sample size. We need to know programs to connect them with the legislators that serve their mentees and families in district and share the great work that programs do. When discussions of funding and legislative priorities arise, MPM needs to draw on the data collected from the State of Mentoring survey to share the story of mentoring on the community, regional and state level.

Numbers are powerful methods of communicating needs and growth. They are short and concise. Their quantifiable nature makes them easy to picture in an elevator, compare in an info graphic and add an exlaimation point to an argument. Numbers as they say, don’t lie. Please help us make sure our data set thoroughly represents the importance of mentoring in Minnesota!

Here are the logistical details:

What Data is Collected?

The survey asks for current information from 2015 (or the 2014-2015 school year).

Who Should Complete the Survey? When Does It Close?

An executive director, program coordinator, or other staff members who have access to information about program participants and overall program management.

What if I have Multiple Programs?

You can report on up to three of your programs in a single survey response. Please do not aggregate or combine the information from distinct mentoring programs, but rather report on them separately as it can skew data. 

Data Privacy

The State of Mentoring Survey responses are kept private and confidential. Only aggregate data will be released in public reports.

Will I Receive a Copy of the Results? 

All survey respondents will have access to this aggregate information, notes on key trends, and paths forward for the mentoring movement. Results will be available in late-2016 and released at MENTOR’s National Mentoring Summit in January 2017. Additional information about the State of Mentoring Survey and results of past surveys can be found here.
If you experience technical issues in accessing the survey or have any questions about the survey process please contact MENTOR’s Chief Knowledge Officer, Michael Garringer, at

You are Ready to Begin!

Thank you for the work you do to support children, you and families through mentoring relationships and for your assistance in advancing the collective understanding of mentoring in Minnesota and nationally. Please look below for a sample of some of the results from the last State of Mentoring Survey 2013-2014.

For any additional questions, contact:  Wendy Raymond, Communications and Projects Associate at or via phone at 612-399-0236.