Quality Corner: Go-To Blogs and Newsletters for Mentoring Programs

January 25, 2016

Quality Corner

Quality Corner is a monthly space for MPM to share new research, resources, and ideas for program quality and development. These posts can range from a new perspective to think about and discuss with your staff to a helpful resource or tip you can incorporate into your everyday work.

For the first post I thought it would be valuable to share some of my favorite sources for research, news, and new ideas. These are all newsletters or blogs that you can subscribe to and receive in your inbox—an easy way to facilitate ongoing professional development with just 5 minutes a day. I hope you find at least one new resource today that you are interested in checking out and reading further!

Youth Development

The Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring: A source for sharing new findings and ideas about youth mentoring.  The goal of the Chronicle is to encourage active dialogue around evidence-based practice in youth mentoring in ways that improve the practice of youth mentoring. Specific blogs to check out include:

  • New Mentoring Research—includes summaries and implications of new youth mentoring findings.
  • Forum—edited by Michael Garringer, this is a running commentary on mentoring research, policy, and practice, featuring the responses of guests with different views on the topic a question or topic.
  • Research from Related Fields—edited by Dr. Renee Spencer, this includes summaries and implications of new findings from other fields (e.g., developmental psychology, public health, philosophy).
  • Profiles in Mentoring—Q & A’s with the researchers whose work is featured. Readers will be introduced to a wide range of upcoming as well as more established researchers and practitioners.
  • Expert Corner—featuring the perspectives of the field’s leading researchers and practitioners, including Dr. Wilson Goode, Marty Martinez, Dr. David DuBois, Dave Van Patten, Dr. Michael Karcher, Dr. Timothy Cavell, Dr. Adar Ben-Eliyahu, and more.

Harvard Family Research Project: Helps organizations develop and evaluate strategies and get the resources they need to promote the well-being of children, youth, families, and their communities. They have a range of newsletters you can subscribe to including:

Education Northwest: . Their wide-ranging projects work with schools, districts, and communities in the Northwest area to make an impact on topics such as school improvement, community building, literacy, equity, and research. In addition to many resources in categories such as “College and Career Readiness” and “Family and Community Engagement,” they have a blog Northwest Matters for for evidence-based research and practical tips.

NEWS for Youth Work Professionals: A weekly newsletter produced by Minneapolis Employment and Training that includes many  great opportunities for youth and youth workers in the metro area.

Ignite Afterschool: One of their goals as a Minnesota’s after school network is to inform and mobilize network members about legislative issues at the local, state, and federal level that might affect their after school practice. Follow their blog or newsletter for legislative updates and calls to action, so our network stays connected and ready to respond to the issues we care about with a unified voice.

General Nonprofit

Pollen: Pollen is a community comprised of civic-minded connectors who share ideas, career and civic engagement opportunities and peer-to-peer recognition to create positive impact and personal and professional growth for its members.

Minnesota Rising: Offers great opportunities and events for emerging leaders in the field here in Minnesota.

Nonprofit with Balls: Vu Le, the Executive Director of Rainier Valley Corps based in Seattle, candidly writes about the nonprofit sector: its strengths, faults, and areas of humor. He challenges us all to be more intentional and work to make our sector stronger.

Marketing & Communications

Engaging Volunteers: A blog to optimize your volunteer recruitment, training, and satisfaction run by VolunteerMatch, the largest online volunteer recruitment site.

101fundraising: A crowdblog on fundraising: by fundraisers, for fundraisers. New ideas and simple tips for you to think about.

Buffer: Need to know something about social media? Buffer is a one-stop-shop for the best info on social media trends, tips and engagement tricks.

Nonprofit Tech for Good:  Focuses on providing valuable, easy-to-understand information, news, and resources related to nonprofit technology, online communications, and mobile and social fundraising.


What did I miss? What do you look forward to showing up in your inbox every week? We are excited to share many more helpful resources and spark many more aha moments in the future!