New role for Kimberly F. Price at 3Mgives

November 18, 2015

3MPrice3M announced on November 10th, 2015 that Kimberly F. Price, vice-president, 3Mgives, was appointed to the position of senior vice president, Corporate Communications and Enterprise Services, effective January 1, 2016. She replaces Ian F. Hardgrove who will retire.

“Kim is a highly accomplished and respected leader with a proven track record of success across multiple functions at 3M, as well as in our communities. Kim’s highly engaging leadership style, combined with her strong personal and professional reputation, make her ideal for this important role,” said Inge Thulin, 3M chairman, president and chief executive officer.

Since 1953, 3Mgive’s has invested in initiatives that provide evidence-based solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. The foundation offered critical support in the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota’s infancy. The 3M leadership team has continued to provide resources and support for MPM’s commitment to quality mentoring as MPM works to develop the mentoring field in Minnesota.

The 3Mgives mission holds true it with the appointment of Price. She started at 3M in 1986 in the Mergers and Acquisitions area of the legal department and has continued to take on advanced leadership roles prior to her appointment to vice-president of 3Mgives. While discussing the leadership development aspect of her role, Price says, “3M’s reputation in leadership development extends beyond our campus into the community. Building sustainable communities through our ‘people partnerships’ encourages student achievement and access to STEM and Business. Whether 3Mers share success as Visiting Wizards or (Sales) Force for the Kids . . . Mentoring Matters!”

Price earned a bachelor’s degree in government/sociology from Bowdoin College, a doctorate of law degree from Columbia University, and a master’s degree in public affairs from Princeton University.  “Everyone has a pathway to get to where they are. My pathway was education,” says Price.

3M Excellence in Mentoring in America Award

MENTOR’s President & CEO, David Shapiro, 3M’s new VP 3Mgives, Kim Price, MPM’s former Executive Director, Joellen Gonder-Spacek, former MPM VP of Strategic Affairs, Polly Roach, attending the 2013 Excellence in Mentoring in America Awards.

In 2013 while accepting the Excellence in Mentoring in America: Corporate Leadership award on behalf of 3M, Price spoke about the role mentoring had in her education. “But for the family of mentors in my life, I probably wouldn’t be standing here or gone to schools like Princeton and Columbia. (Mentors) were not my blood family, but my beloved family.”

Congratulations on this exciting opportunity from the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota! We are sure that all of your mentors are proud of your new role!