Mentoring 365 Project: Leading and Mentoring By Example

November 12, 2015
OILL Peer Leader Group 2015-2016

OILL Peer Leader Group 2015-2016

Anthony Harris is currently a senior majoring in Biology at Carleton College. Upon transferring to Carlton as a sophomore, he decided to get involved on campus by pursuing a position as an OIIL Peer Leader. Anthony did not have a mentor to guide him while he was in boarding school and he didn’t have much help navigating his original college campus as a freshman. Through these experiences, Anthony’s  knowledge would later help him in guiding his mentees in the Peer Leader Program.

“I really just like being a helping hand to someone who I saw in a position that I was in once before.”

Through his mentoring with the Peer Leader Program, Anthony made a conscious effort to “plant seeds” of knowledge and facilitate the growth of the mentee instead of disclosing all his knowledge at one moment. He noticed how essential it is for the students to have a guiding light but still have the opportunity to have their own college experience. He is constantly working to enhance the college experience for the students who participate in the Peer Leader Program, most of which are generally students of color and international students. His experience in mentoring such a diverse group of students has allowed him to become more aware of generalizations and pre-conceived notions.  He has overcome cultural differences in order to to reach a person-to-person understanding with the mentee.

“If I had been told what I know now during my freshman or sophomore year it would have made all the difference. It’s just as simple as that, you’re asking someone for advice that has gone through the whole process and that advice can be invaluable.”

Anthony had the opportunity to grow through his involvement as a mentor through the OIIL Peer Leader program. He shared the knowledge he has gained during his college experience with other students who could benefit from having a mentor or simply someone to talk to. Anthony is a great representation of the impact and importance of mentoring and how necessary it is in promoting the success of the youth.