#ThankYourMentor, Following MPM on LinkedIn, and learn how to use your LinkedIn to help MPM!

August 19, 2015

I am Wendy Raymond and I wanted to introduce myself as the new Communications and Project’s Associate for the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota (MPM). One of my new projects at the organization is reinvigorating MPM’s LinkedIn page.

This comes as a result both from a conference I attended last week and in conjunction with MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership joining forces with LinkedIn to elevate the impact of mentoring relationships and call on more adults to mentor. The #ThankYourMentor initiative allows for the opportunity to draw the critical connection between career mentoring and the link to social and economic mobility created by mentoring young people.

In light of this partnership, I wanted to make sure that you knew about the opportunity to share your connection with MPM on LinkedIn. At MPM, we want to ensure you are recognized for all of the time, effort and energy you put into our organization. The best way to do this on social media is through LinkedIn, where you can add MPM as an “Organization” or list it among your “Volunteer Experiences” and “Causes” that you care about. I have included instructions below, along with 5 easy ways to update your own LinkedIn profiles!

  • Log into your LinkedIn account or click here.
  • Click on Profile along the top of the screen and select Edit Profile as shown belowAfter you log-in to your LinkedIn account, select EDIT PROFILE
  • Scroll until you see Organization listed below.
  • Please fill out Organization as follows:
    • Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota
    • [Insert Role here; Board Member, Volunteer]
  • You will find below some suggested prompts as you write a quick summary, which does not need to be more than 3 to 4 sentences.
    • Why did you join MPM’s Movement/Board? To give back? As in investment in tomorrow’s future?
    • What has been your favorite MPM experience so far?
    • What excites you about MPM?
    • Sample:I was introduced to Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota in [year here]/[# of years ago]. I decided to invest my time as a [Board Member/Volunteer] because [Why did you join MPM’s movement? Please be as brief and broad or specific as you like]. The most rewarding moment of my time with MPM so far [has been/was when].
  • Make sure you save your changes!

5 Quick LinkedIn Update Tips!

 1) Have a Profile Picture; it does not have to be a corporate head shot but a clear, high quality picture where one is well groomed. It makes your profile 7x more likely to be viewed!

2) Updating your contact information. It’s important to keep all of your information up-to-date. Why? You want people to be able to easily connect with you.

3) Complete your entire profile; having an incomplete profile lowers where you fall on LinkedIn’s page and it also doesn’t portray all of the amazing credentials and experience that you have.

4) Do not feel the need to connect with everyone that reaches out to you. Most guides recommend connecting to people you have established one connection with or interacted with on some level. When you send a request, taking the extra 30 seconds to personalize and remind someone how you met/in what capacity you collaborated together which really makes an impression. You want over 100 contacts to give your profile an updated, put together impression. Most sites suggest building your profile with 30 friends, 30-40 colleagues and 30-40 acquaintances to start.

5) Customize your professional headline. The professional headline is the text right below your name. Consider your audience and speak directly to them. What will compel or seduce the decision-maker at the receiving end of your message? What do they likely care most about? Address that in your headline. Be specific about your role.

6) BONUS TIP:  You can freely customize your LinkedIn URL. This is helpful in controlling what content you are associated with on the web as well as increasing your online presence.

  • First click on edit profile
  • Click on the star shaped button next to your LinkedIn URL
    Click on the Star shaped button next to your LinkedIn URL
  • On the Right side of the screen you will see the box below regarding your Public Profile URL and  click on the pencil icon to edit. Choose something simple, concise and memorable.If the URL is already taken try a simple abbreviation or adding in an initial. You want to make sure the URL links directly to you!

If you have any questions or would like assistance please do not hesitate to contact me at wendy@mpmn.org or post in the comment section. I look forward to posting again soon!