Farewell for now!

December 8, 2014

JenTransitionAs I transition out of my role as MPM’s Director of Training and Quality Assurance, I have found myself reflecting upon how my time here has been a valuable learning opportunity. Working with such a smart and dedicated group of individuals who take their work and the support of mentoring programs seriously has created in me a deep desire to continue supporting mentoring in the future.

I have loved the chance to hear from program staff about the triumphs and challenges of their work – to listen to stories of friendships between young people and adults giving kids the extra support they need to be empowered, to dream big for their futures, and to gain hope and confidence that they are worthy of love.

One of the best learning opportunities I had in my time at MPM was as a participant in the NorthStar Youth Worker Fellowship. As part of my fellowship, I investigated the impact of race and privilege in mentoring relationships, which illuminated a strong desire in me further study of this topic at the graduate school level.  Although I am leaving my role as Director of Training and Quality Assurance, I know I will stay connected to MPM’s great and to the amazing youth development work taking place in this region.  I am already conjuring up ways to stay in the loop in the midst of the transition!

Before I depart at the end of December, I would enjoy hearing from as many of you as possible. I look forward to staying connected to our continued effort to support kids in mentoring relationships! Keep up the great work!