Ready to Go: A workshop you don’t want to miss!

April 3, 2014

When I first came on staff at MPM, I was overwhelmed by all the things I wanted to learn.  There were books I wanted to read and people I wanted to meet and acronyms I needed to memorize.  I was looking for experts who were willing to give me some tips on how to be an effective trainer for the program staff we serve and someone suggested I call Lisa Bottomley from Michigan State University Extension.  “She is a great trainer,” they said, “and knows a ton about mentoring.”  I set up a phone meeting and was so glad I did.  Lisa was not only warm and welcoming but clearly an experienced trainer who was more than willing to share all of the things that she had learned about effective training with me.

As our conversations continued, I learned more about Lisa’s background and training experience.  She told me that she had developed a toolkit called Ready to Go that was designed to give mentoring program staff interactive activities to help mentors learn the core competencies that they need to be successful.  The activities are categorized into five areas:  cultural competency; building the mentoring relationship; communication; setting boundaries; and youth development.  She told me that one of the best parts of facilitating trainings on Ready to Go was working with her training partner, Molly Frendo, who brought a great style and skill set to the trainings they co-facilitated.

As we began planning the 15th Annual Minnesota Mentoring Conference: Going the Distance, we were looking for experts who could  provide practical and accessible content for Minnesota mentoring program staff. I knew that Lisa and Molly would be a great addition to the line up.  I wanted to give program staff the opportunity to learn more about how to effectively train their mentors from fantastic facilitators who know and understand the best practices in mentoring.

I am so excited about their workshop Ready to Go: Five  Activities to Prepare Your Mentors.  It has been fun working with these two talented ladies and discussing what we hope mentoring program staff will get out of this workshop.  “I am looking forward to spending some time with mentoring professionals in Minnesota!” Lisa said. “We have a fun and interactive session planned. Participants will leave with the tools needed to enhance their mentor training.”

Whether you have just started training mentors or consider yourself a veteran, consider attending this workshop and walk away with valuable training activities which you can start using right away with your mentors. Learn more about how to register for the 15th Annual Minnesota Mentoring Conference and about all the workshops we will have on offer here.