Mentoring is an Investment in Minnesota’s Economy

March 8, 2011

According to the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota’s Social Return on Investment Study (SROI), Minnesota can expect a $2.72 return for every dollar spent on effective mentoring programs in the state. The economic returns measure both the achieved reduction in costs of youth treatment programs on an annual basis and the projected increases in lifetime earnings to be attained by helping put at-risk youth on a path toward becoming productive adult citizens.

A recent Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development report states that when it comes to jobs, the state is continuing to shift toward a skills-based economy. National projections indicate that 70% of jobs in Minnesota will require a postsecondary degree by 2018, up from the current 40%. This is just one more reason to become a mentor and help a young person stay on track to graduate. MPM’s online, interactive K-12 Journey Map outlines major milestones and links to relevant resources to help youth prepare for college.

Post author Mai-Anh Kapanke is the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota’s Associate Director and oversees the Public Policy and Marketing departments.