Thank Your Mentor on January 25

January 13, 2011

January 25 is Thank Your Mentor Day, part of the 10th Annual National Mentoring Month!

On Tuesday, January 25, please take a minute or two to thank your mentors.  Here are three easy ways to express your appreciation:

  • Write a sentence of thanks and tag your mentors in your Facebook status or mention them on Twitter. If enough people do this, we can flood social media news feeds and draw even more attention to the mentoring cause.
  • Post an online tribute on the website, Who Mentored You?
  • Print this postcard and drop it in the mail with a personal note, or send an e-card.

But what’s the BEST way to honor your mentors? Pass it on! Become a mentor to a young person.  Find an opportunity in your community today.

Please encourage others, especially the youth you know, to thank their mentors, too.

For more information on National Mentoring Month efforts in Minnesota, click here.

Post author Mindy Twetten is the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator.