Thank Your Mentor Day: MPM Staff Thanks Mentors, Too

January 24, 2011

Tomorrow – Tuesday, January 25 – is Thank Your Mentor Day.  In honor of the occasion, some Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota staffers wanted to thank their own mentors:

“As an immigrant youth growing up in Michigan, I had many mentors who not only cared for me, but my entire family.  We were one of the first Vietnamese families to immigrate to the Lansing area and our mentors made our transition a little bit easier.  This year, my dad reached out to a pastor who mentored my family, and many other immigrant families, to say thank you.  He said he always wondered about our family and was proud that my dad graduated with a master’s degree, me and my three siblings went to college, we all have successful careers and beautiful families, and most importantly, that we all find time to give back to the community.  I cherish every mentor who has entered my life and will make every attempt in my lifetime to give to others what I have been given!”
– Mai-Anh Kapanke, Associate Director

“Thank you Brooke! Your encouragement during the high school basketball season empowered me to become a meaningful mentor to the high school girl’s basketball team that I now coach!”
– Alicia Freeman, AmeriCorps Promise Fellow

“So many mentors!  To my Brownie and Girl Scout leaders, Coach Kuiper, Coach Petersen, Mary Beth Blegen, and all my aunts – thank you!”
– April Riordan, Director of Training & Community Partnerships

“Now that I’m an adult, I cannot believe how lucky I was to have all the mentors that I had while growing up.  Thank you to all of my teachers, coaches, supervisors, group leaders, babysitters, musician mentors and family friends – I would not be who I am today without all of the support and guidance you provided!  Special thanks to David Hein for helping me discover opportunities to be a leader and serve others, and to Renee McLaughlin and Quinn Warnick for sparking and supporting my first career interests.”
– Mindy Twetten, Marketing Coordinator

“I want to thank my mentor, Mary Burnison, for her support, encouragement and faith in me when she was a staff member of the University YMCA and I was a college student at the University of Minnesota. She saw capabilities in me that I could not and challenged me to step up to as a leader, setting me on a path that I am still following.”
– Polly Roach, Vice President of Strategic Services

Please take a minute tomorrow to thank your mentors, and encourage others to do the same! Then pass it on, and become a mentor yourself.

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January is National Mentoring Month.  Get more information about NMM efforts in Minnesota here.

Post author Mindy Twetten is the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator.