Feel the Burn! Brainerd Man Rollerblades From MN to D.C. for Youth Mentoring!

August 13, 2009

GaryPlanes, trains and automobiles?  No!  Youth mentor supporter Gary Walters and his 15 year old son Jackson are on their way to Washington D.C. on rollerblades!  Walters is known in the Brainerd area for doing a wacky stunt every year to raise money for Kinship Partners mentoring program, and to raise general awareness about the need for more mentors.

Walters and company will travel 1300 miles through 24 cities in 21 days to get to D.C.  When they arrive, Walters will meet Minnesota legislators to share his message.   “The point of these events is that if an average, middle-aged, overweight guy can do this then obviously anyone can be a mentor, ” says Walters.  “If good people will give a little to a kid then our world will be better. ”

Previous Walters Kinship challenges include: 2003 – biking from New Orleans to Brainerd,  2004 – camping out for more than a week on top of Brainerd’s historic water tower, 2005 – walking the length of Minnesota in 17 days, 2006 – swimming across Lake Mille Lacs,  2007 – he lost 100 pounds in a year and in 2008 he unicycled for 24 hours.

Walters will be making a stop in the Twin Cities on Saturday, August 15th at 10am (Lake Calhoun Pavilion, 3000 Calhoun Pkwy. Minneapolis).

See the story on KSTP: http://kstp.com/news/stories/S1088205.shtml?cat=206

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Post author Mai-Anh Kapanke is the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota’s Vice President of Marketing & Public Policy.