Wired for 2020 campaign helps youth explore essential skills in STEM

May 7, 2009
Mentoring Partnership of MN Wired for 2020 Event

Mentoring Partnership of MN Wired for 2020 Event

Here’s an excellent article about why today’s youth need to build strong skill sets in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).  With the innovation around technology, today’s youth are going to need to be particularly savvy in STEM no matter what career choice they decide.  One goal of the Mentoring Partnership of MN’s Wired for 2020 campaign focuses on helping youth explore these discipline areas.  Check out this latest article written by the CEO of Bayer Corp:


Wired for 2020 is the Mentoring Partnership’s 2009 Mentor Engagement Campaign.  Visit: www.wiredfor2020.com

Post author Mai-Anh Kapanke is the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota’s Vice President of Marketing & Public Policy.